Akika Says: A Few Good Funnies

By Geisha Bar

Ok, I have a confession to make. Even Akika gets writers block sometimes. No, it wasn’t the surprising friendship I struck up with rum on Saturday night (although that might have had an effect). This week I found some funnies to make you laugh instead. Hope these give you a chuckle!
Two guys are sitting on a bar stool. One starts to insult the other one. He screams, “I slept with your mother!” The bar gets quiet as everyone listens to see what the other weasel will do. The first again yells, “I SLEPT WITH YOUR MOTHER!”
The other says, “Go home dad you’re drunk.”
A man walks into a bar and orders a drink.
Suddenly he hears someone say, “Hey, nice tie!” The man looks up to try to find out who said it, but no one was around.
“Hey! Nice shirt!” The man looks up again, but there’s nobody there.
“Hey! Nice suit!” The man then calls the bartender over and asks him if he keeps talking to him.
The bartender replies, “It’s not me; it’s the complimentary peanuts.”
Classic drunk booty call text:
I’m not drunk — you intoxicate me.
Q: What’s an Australian kiss?
A: It’s a French kiss down under