Akika says: McTindald’s? No thanks.

By Geisha Bar

The general lust for quick’n’dirty fast life has me disgusted all over again. Fast food, fast fashion. Fast pleasure. Fast talk. Fast love.

Tinder urges us to quick — swipe right now for pleasure. Do you have anxiety on never finding the one? Married at First Sight delivers instant hope. Answers to messages are expected within seconds, and Facebook capitalised on this with the irritating little “Seen – timestamp”.

Why do people live so frantically? Our planet won’t blow up this afternoon.

I happily drink up the moments when time seems to stop, for they are rare gifts in today’s frenetic world. This is an ethos embodied by Geisha. Each dj’s set is a journey. Each night a unique experience. Each weekday, these are the memories I return to.