Akika says: Keep Northbridge Vibrant!

By Geisha Bar

Well Perth you’re good at getting our music scene into the papers. “For what this time?” you ask. Our local talent? Our fantastic venues? Unfortunately, no.

Residents of apartments on Aberdeen Street have posted a notice on site garnering support for their complaints about noise from the nightclub “Jack Rabbit Slim’s” across the street. This venue has operated as a nightclub under various names for 20 years. Residents’ complaints include the “right” for silence for children to sleep and the “right” for quiet to sleep with a balcony door open.

Ok, so let’s get something straight. Northbridge was established as Perth’s main nightlife precinct in the 1890s with the construction of the “Brass Monkey” and many other hotels. That is approx 120 years ago! This later brought the influx of multicultural café and restaurant culture.

Think about it. The Northbridge nightlife economy was established long before any of the complainers’ grandparents were born. For these complainers to move into the suburb now, and then wail about noise stinks of self-entitlement to the highest degree.

Like any night time economy, Northbridge is a delicate ecosystem. If these residents were to drive out the nightclubs and bars, the restaurant and cafe culture will also be at risk. We do not want our city suffering the same fate as either Sydney or London.

There are a few brave souls taking on these complaining residents and speaking up so that Perth City Council hears both sides. I encourage you to get vocal so we can keep our nocturnal Northbridge vibrant!!

Photo Credit: Ace Basik