Akika says: Sound of Eurovision

By Geisha Bar

What a wonderful weekend at the Eurovision circus! Don’t get me wrong, I love the annual extravaganza. The outrageous costumes and even more outrageous music.

This weekend, Dami Im did Australia proud with her massive, resounding track ‘Sound of Silence’. The artist took 2nd place – you go girl! Especially impressive given it’s only Australia’s second year competing, and Dami was up against a field of over 40 countries.

It is interesting to see the general sentiment in the media today. Many Australian media articles have focused on questioning whether we rightfully belong in the European competition, even though Europe’s votes and media coverage suggest the continent has no issue with us entering. Especially when we are sending such high quality acts and clearly take our access to Eurovision seriously. In Europe, there’s been a storm unleashed with the contentiously political subject of the winning Ukraine song, as well as the outcome of the competition under the new points system. Australia navel gazes whilst Europe loudly debates political wounds and the justice of the points system.

I hope Australia is invited back in 2017. With both China and America showing interest in participating, globalisation may be imminent. I have no shadow of a doubt artists of our country can continue to hold their own on the Eurovision stage, and I think we’ve nurtured a place of affection and respect in the hearts of the European countries as well.