Akika says: Do what’s right by your Uber Driver

By Geisha Bar

Uber. Such a breath of fresh air to club kids everywhere. We’ve all had horrible taxi experiences and Uber has done much to improve that. So let’s keep the following in mind to keep more Uber drivers on the road;

— When your bank account is charged for the ride, the tip is not included. Remember the tip-the-taxi awareness? Let’s bring that back already.
— Uber discourages drivers to take tips at first offer — they are told to only take the money if the customer insists. The driver refusing cash tips isn’t rolling in it — he’s abiding by the rules.
— Maybe 1 in 10 customers offer a tip. That’s a pretty low hourly rate on average.
— Unlike most taxis, Uber drivers must cover the costs of running their cars. This includes petrol, insurance, car maintenance and general ownership. Imagine doing that plus covering living costs on such a low wage.

Uber drivers on average earn about half as much as taxis but in my experience provide a much more quality-driven experience. Do the right thing — put aside a few drinks’ worth of cash and tip the driver who ensures you’re delivered home with no hassles.