Akika says: Violence is never the answer

By Geisha Bar

Perth, what the actual heck was the ruckus at Listen Out last weekend? A horde of approximately 200 people jumped the fence. These hooligans launched a steady attack for hours. They tore down a barrier and mobbed security. Police reinforcements were called, then what? One officer was bitten and two assaulted. No kidding.

This is not the first time we have seen violence in places people go to enjoy music in this city. Embattled Stereosonic saw years of roided-up idiots on the attack. In clubs, security guards are often made targets. We unfortunately have seen our fair share at Geisha too.

The job of a security guard is to keep a venue safe for everyone. When patrons lash out, they show massive disrespect for the guards (who are doing their jobs), the people who have put on the event and the other patrons who are peacefully partying. The fence jumping horde at Listen Out made international news. Is this really how we want to portray our city’s music scene? If we get this reputation, we risk artists refusing to come play on the grounds of fear for their safety.

Violence is never the answer.