Our very own Aussie Producers

By Geisha Bar

January is the month we celebrate our fair country and her renegade children. Australia scores well above her weight on the international electronic music scene.
Completely at home behind the decks, in the studio and on the d.floor – these freaking talented ratbags are set to make big waves in 2015. Celebrate properly — don’t forget a well-suited cocktail or 3!

Henry Gillett – classic techno sound. I imagine him just as much at home in an abandoned warehouse in Berlin – all the way through to a smoky 3am Spanish basement club – cocktail – whiskey sour

JaFunk – seductive mix of old school funk, velvety vocals and delicious bongos. Let me set the scene for you – warm nighttime beach, grooving party, mojitos, pinacoladas

JimiJ – atmospheric deep house at its best.building an impressive resume of originals, remixes and labels. His sound is portent of Melancholic, expansive, – cocktail – Last Word

Casual Connection – reminds us where house music came from. Disco divas, dapper gents and all night barflys rejoice! Velvety vocals pour over jazzy pianos. The artist’s reworks and remixes transport his audience to happily secret island bars. Let’s talk about a Mai Tai!

Green George mixes sophisticated tech house perspective with sunshine-drenched nu disco and tropical. I imagine rooftop parties under a vast canopy of twinkling stars, intriguing conversation and pretty laughter complementing stylish tunes. French 75

Optomal explores a sound rich in organic texture. Warm techno beats provide steady foundations to explore new worlds. Escape to a forest clearing, big log cabin.
cocktail – old fashioned

The Last Word
French 75 w gin
Jack Rose