Ok Boomer

By Geisha Bar

A NZ politian recently popularised the term “ok boomer” and it’s created a SHITLOAD of backlash among the irrelevant/ageing community. Evidently forgetting that they spent the last ten years referring to anyone born after 1975 as “snowflakes”, boomers are now crying that “ok boomer” is equivalent to a racial slur. They are angry because they feel that the term “ok boomer” is derisive and discarding, which is hilarious when you consider that they spent the last 10 years telling us that we don’t matter, that our voices should not be considered as valuable as theirs, and that we “don’t understand.” We understand everything perfectly.

“Ok boomer” is our two words to signify that we refuse to try to wearily engage anymore with stupid people who refuse to listen to anyone younger solely because they are older, and in their mind, wiser. Hilariously, a truly wise person understands that wisdom and intelligence are not just qualities that get handed to you on your 55th birthday (sorry to all those “wise” old men from Joondalup who have never even left the state). We tried with science, with facts, with reasoning, with everything except fucking finger puppets, and they still don’t bloody listen. Hence, we are done.

So if one day, you find yourself being irked that someone didn’t just automatically treat you like a god just because you happen to be older than them, then maybe it’s time to realise that you are part of the problem! Ok, boomer?

Love, Akika xoxoxooxoxoxoxox