Entrepreneurial Girl Scout hustles stoners big time!

By Geisha Bar

Need to sell boxes of Girl Scout cookies to fundraise for your next Scout camp? Well, forget about the arduous task of hitting up all your neighbours, and head on down to your local marijuana dispensary instead!
That’s what Danielle Lei did, anyway. The savvy 13 year old from San Francisco set up a stall outside The Green Cross, a marijuana dispensary in San Francisco, in order to capitalise on the fact that stoned people love to have a munch. Believe it or not, she sold 117 boxes of cookies in just two hours – that’s almost one box every minute!!
Danielle’s mother Carol has stated that she is happy for her daughter to sell cookies outside the marijuana joint (heh) because she hopes that it will teach Danielle about the differences between using cannabis medically, and using it recreationally.
“They learn that they’re not drugged out,” Carol explained. “Many have serious needs, and are just a little different.”
Carol supervises her daughter as she sells the cookies and feels that it is a safe place to do so, as there are always security cameras and a security guard nearby, to protect the store’s stash. She also encourages Danielle to learn about diversity on the job, saying that “selling cookies around town exposes the girls to other walks of life.”
This has to be one of the most pleasant stories I’ve heard all year!