Fill me in

By Geisha Bar

In a somewhat sad as fuck turn of events, teenagers as young as 15 years old have been flocking to cosmetic surgeons in search of lip fillers and Botox. Dr. Glenn Murray at the Absolute Cosmetic Medicine reported at least one cosmetic procedure request each week from someone under 18.
It must be brutal these days to be a teenager. When I was coming of age, shit was easy. Bit of mascara, bit of glossy eyeshadow, bit of Bonne Bell and there you go. But now, NOW, the game has mutated. Contouring? What the fuck? Who at age 13 has time to contour their face? Also, WHY? Youth is perfect, no need to fuck with that work of art.
The past two years has seen the biggest increase in young women and teenage girls seeking cosmetic surgery, perhaps because online dialogue surrounding cosmetic procedures has changed to paint them as not as risky anymore.
Instagram culture and constant connectivity and constant social media barrage has no doubt conditioned many teenage girls from a young age that they have to look flawless, and after seeing themselves with various Snap filters, they no doubt start to yearn to look like the more enhanced versions of themselves. You can’t blame them for feeling that way, and you can’t change it, either. It’s just the sad reality of the world we live in now. Hopefully though, more people will learn to love themselves the way they are over time.

Love (yourself!), Akika xoxooxoxoooxox