Girls in Film

By Geisha Bar

As a girl who prides herself on kicking ass and taking names, I am eternally fascinated by a strong female character. I feel this is epitomised beautifully by the figure of the geisha. These women were among the first to be financially independent and empowered. They were successful through embracing their strengths as women. I find this very inspiring.

As the season finally turns autumnal, we have the perfect reason to snuggle up with delicious treats, cheeky cocktails and great friends for a movie marathon. In honour of the geisha, I give you a wonderful list of strong female characters and their films. No one’s about to mess with these gorgeous girls!
Movie List:

• Hit-Girl – Kick-Ass
• Alabama – True Romance
• Black Widow – Avengers
• Baby – Dirty Dancing
• Katniss – Hunger Games
• Cheery – Planet Terror
• The Bride – Kill Bill
• Sarah Connor – The Terminator
• Merida – Brave

I leave you with this thought for the day when asked “So, why do you write these strong female characters? ”
Joss Whedons reply “Because you’re still asking me that question”