Hella Ween

By Geisha Bar

Well another year has passed, and by that, I mean another Halloween has fallen. Ever since I was a kid, Halloween has always fascinated and excited me, from watching movies like Double Double Toil and Trouble (the Olsen twins) and Hocus Pocus which had elaborate and exciting sets. A kid at my school once had a spooky themed birthday party around Halloween and they decked the entire house out, like, they shrouded all the hallways in black and every room was creepily decorated and creepily lit and there was even a motherfuckin fortune teller in a shack out back. This party has always stuck firm in my mind as the best party I’ve ever attended, including Breakfest kick ons.

I think the reason I love Halloween so much is that I’m a massive slut for coloured lights and ambient setups, combined with the opportunity to FINALLY wear that one strange item of clothing that for some reason, is the perfect fit and make you look hot as all hell but you could never usually wear it because it’s a green sequined bustier or something. It’s awesome to create a costume centred around one piece of clothing, excitedly caking your face in a bunch of makeup knowing that this will be the hottest you look all year. That’s why for me, Halloween is a holy day of fun. #newyearnewme etc.

And there is nothing, NOTHING, more fun than a party where everyone is out and dressed up! People’s walls are down on Halloween! Supposedly it’s the night of the year whereby the veil between the spirit world and our world is at its thinnest, and I reckon that holds true for social interaction too. People are far more likely to speak to each other in costume, whether it’s recognising a good meme reference, bonding over your shared furry identities, or whether dammit, you just feel yoself so damn much that you boldly go and talk to others because you know you’re slamming tonight.


Halloween is the best. Change my mind.

Love, Akika xoxooxoxoxox