Karma Police

By Geisha Bar

Call me cynical, or possibly it’s simply just my paranoia of life and scepticism setting in, but there is something about the concept of karma that feels so forged. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that being selfish is the way to go as already that is humankind’s most fruitful disease, however perhaps there is something just a little narcissistic in this ‘what-goes-around-comes-around’ little edict.

Take a step back and reflect for just a second. Think of the last time you did something good for someone, something that may have put you out just a little and you can’t tell me that you never once thought to yourself along the lines of “well, at least some good karma should be coming my way”. Don’t lie to me now; I know it’s in you. It comes with being human and I can hear the archangels erupting in laughter now. We are individualistic self-centred fools.

There is quite possibly a breed of people out there that spend their lives actually hunting for good karma. An ironical war of do-gooders, with all the contenders in rivalry with one another for this clutch of good fortune. Imagine that little old lady crossing the street being bowled over by brawling teens fighting to help her in hope that karma returns them the favour and gives them a little over the bra/under the pantie action on the next school bus home. Imagine everyone jumping up at once to let the pregnant woman sit on the bus so that karma will let them be the first to find a twenty dollar bill lying prostrate on the kerb as they leave the bus.

The corporate whores who reside in their monolithic bureaucratic palaces all come out scrambling over adversary business dynasties, eccentric billionaires and sporting stars shamed either from drugs or adultery, attempting to improve their reputation,  in order to compete in giving the most away to charity…what the charity actually is, however, is usually irrelevant and the tax break is not considered karma FYI ! It is all good and dandy for ‘radicals’ and rock stars to preach world peace and other sexed-up slogans that appeal to their fan base, but wars will remain, hunger will persist and people will continue to die under corrupt and vicious elites. It takes more than an emotional plea by some celebrity to change that.

Suddenly it doesn’t seem so much about the good intention any more than it does about how the glory of appearing charitable does wonders for one’s public image and how nice ones frocks look at the donation gala. I’d like to see the out and about pages in the newspaper filled with children with leprosy draped in the finest threads, but of course that would never happen because people still think that leprosy is a contagious disease and would rather just drop their $2 coin in a tin and dream about good things that would now be karma-ing their way.