Kickin’ it Old School in Indo

By Geisha Bar

Oh, hi there! Are you a married heterosexual? No? Well, go fuck yourself ….
Is basically what the Indonesian government is saying these days.

President Joko Widodo (more like Joko WiDILDO amirite) wants to ban sex outside marriage. Which would mean that any unmarried straight couples or gay couples (even those married overseas) could face severe repercussions (jail time and fines) for living their damn lives.

Among this, other proposed changes include making it illegal to criticise the president (penalty is jail time), sell contraceptives (fines galore), and conducting abortions (jail time). Basically, forcing religious beliefs onto everyone and removing basic fucking human freedoms. If passed, the changes will still take a couple years to unfurl. But when they do, look out.

This could mean a significant obliteration of tourism income, because if Aussies go to Bali for one thing, it’s to party and fuck (using contraceptives). Take that away, and you’ve just got a Year 12 disco with a cringey cover band.

Many of my friends are queer, and a lot of them are married (thanks to other countries who allowed this, y’know, like 10 years before Australia). These friends all enjoy holidaying in Bali, but upon hearing this news would feel uncomfortable and intimidated holidaying there. What if hotel staff threatened to get you arrested for fucking, and insisted on a big bribe payout to keep quiet? I mean, this IS Bali we’re talking about here.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to my next overseas trip, which will be somewhere not run by absolute fuckwits.

Love (is love), Akika xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxo