“Lantana, Magnolia and other Flora”

By Geisha Bar

“Sometimes” said Geoffrey Rush in a poignant ‘Lantana’ moment, “Love isn’t enough”
As absurd as it sounds ‘feelings’ alone do not a relationship make. Many a loving union has been scuttled by the perils of reality, differences drown the giddy feeling until your love is in a tailspin and the waves of nausea roll in. Love hangs tough against the rising tide but conquering all is often a forlorn hope and life is not a movie.

Is that which draws you together enough to overpower that which divides. Do you reside in the same time and space, do you aspire to the same things, can you live with their faults and follies, do they make you feel good about yourself, will they help you grow and challenge you to be everything you can be. Will they comfort you when you hit rock bottom and will they stand by you when the world looks the other way…Do they RESPECT you unequivocally? Are they excited at the prospect of getting old, frail and incontinent with you. Is their faith in you resolute, is their trust absolute and can you confide your darkest fears without them passing judgement or sharing these secrets with others. All these questions go to the TRUE HEART of any relationship…RESPECT is the foundation without which love does not exist.

Love may be all you need but respect is its more pragmatic cousin. Relationships that stand the test of time (and temptation) need a generous dash of both. Love makes you feel grand and respect prevents delusions of grandeur…Geoffrey was wrong, Love is enough but only when respect is the glue that binds…and we all know that ‘ONE’ is the loneliest number.