The Legend of Ferby

By Geisha Bar

I heard the most entertaining story on the weekend!
Years ago in Perth, a certain bar manager was tired of his staff being hassled by patrons with whispers of “hey, hey do you know anyone to hook a brother up with the good stuff, know what I mean?”
So the manager hit upon a brilliant plan. Ferby the Contact was born. Each time the staff were asked, they would reply with “ohh yes, you need to speak with Ferby”.
The doormen at the bar next door, and next door to that got wind of the ruse and joined in. Soon, punters were being sent on a wild Ferby chase right round the block. This progressed to such a point that one night, a liquored-up patron threw his arms wide open and beseeched a well-heeled hotel lobby — “who the f%^k is Ferby, and where the hell can I find him!?” The late night geriatric travellers weren’t either impressed or informative on the matter.
“Ferby’s here, don’t let him in” then became code for “there’s a feral mob out the front and they’re not coming in”. As the legend had spread by that point, those more regular attendees would up-scatter and declare they were by no means associated with this character.
Eventually the game came to an end when life imitated art and a certain fellow who was unfortunately cursed with the same name acted up and got himself banned from the block. But it was fun while it lasted… and gives me so many ideas for future mischief-making……!
I must mention two disclaimers 1 it was not this club and 2 the “contact” has been renamed the image however may give you a clue.