Four Letter Words

By Geisha Bar

LOVE. What a word. What a fucked up, crazy word that has been written about so many times I can almost hear your eyes rolling from where I sit…but man, when it goes wrong, it still feels like the whole world should just shut up and pay attention.

Why is it that our interaction with one other person (who in my case is boring, doesn’t like my friends, leaves hairs on the bathroom sink and is at best average in bed) determines the quality of our whole existence?

Why can’t the new “nobody in particulars” that I have met recently be the obsession that defines me? Because that is what a relationship is right as much as we may try to deny it? An obsession that we willingly succumb to time and time again. I have been in my current relationship/obsession so long now I’ve forgotten what a relationship is supposed to feel like. Is this unusual or do all long term relationships turn into weekly scheduled movie marathons with the only excitement being who will get up to make the next cup of tea?

Is it right to be fantasising over new possibilities? Is it right to be getting just a little too excited over the “beep beep” of certain peoples SMS’s Should I do what any other sane, healthy, (moderately) attractive 23yr old would do and make a break for it? Empower my feminine sexuality and be single for a while, dismiss emotion and fuck for sport? I know this is an opinion column and there should be some kind of educated wisdom here but this time I have the problem. I am the victim……Come to my rescue please