I love the cold

By Geisha Bar

Damn it’s been freezing lately – which I kind of love, because there’s nothing worse than feeling sweaty and sticky when you’re out and about. I also love being able to wear whatever I want, usually involving sleeves and scarves and fun hats! Saturday night was no exception – HedKandi was on and I was out and about in my Sunday best. It was an exceptionally cold night that night, only 2 degrees – which made it all the more cosy inside Geisha!

When it’s cold I feel a lot closer to people for some reason. People seem a little more disarmed than usual and are happy to huddle around together like family, drawing them closer. Smokers congregate together outside, uniting against the cold front whilst people in bars seem happier to be inside in the warmth and therefore more smiles are exchanged! The nice thing about the Geisha family is that there are always smiles being exchanged, we are a content little bunch and many friends of mine feel that happy vibe when they come up to visit.

In Perth the summers can seem far too long and weary. People tend to flag going out and socialising in order to stay inside in the air conditioning, or to get drunk sitting around in a kiddy pool (or a real pool if you’re lucky). Last summer I spent a lot of time sitting around drinking in one of those free-standing pools that you can get for a couple of hundred bucks from stores – wishing for the cold to return so that I could once again be bothered going out. I think I’m one of the few people that don’t mind the cold so I’m careful to try not to whinge about it when it is cold, for I know that for the next nine months of the year I’ll be grumbling about the humidity and complaining that it’s too hot to wear anything other than a singlet and shorts! In the winter, people are far more fun to look at – you tend to see people experimenting more with funky textures, layers and colours in their outfits and when you get a whole bunch of colourful fun people together on a cold night, you get a Geisha crowd dancing up a storm!!!

Here’s hoping that the weather doesn’t turn hot and humid as soon as spring hits – I’d like to see the crisp weather drawn out a little longer this year so that I see more people enjoying the cosiness of our ambient bar with a drink that warms the belly, and not getting all sweaty on the D floor!!