My Love – A Tribute to Frankie Knuckles

By Geisha Bar

We’re gearing up for “Your Love … A Tribute to Frankie Knuckles” this Friday night at Geisha. As a slavish devotee of house music, I’d love to share with you my first memories of Frankie.
The tunes produced by “The Godfather of House Music” had my young music-loving heart enamoured. After returning from a rather “educational” trip to the UK, my oldest sister played his tracks on repeat. Our parents received an involuntary crash course in house – much to their chagrin!
When I asked my sister which band played these songs, I was told, with her characteristic eye roll, “It’s Frankie Knuckles, he’s a sexy house music deeejaayyy”. At night, after my sister sashayed out to the latest club in her body-tight dress and spike heels, I would tiptoe into her room.
Sitting there cross-legged, staring at Frankie’s Cheshire Cat grin, I pondered questions like “How can one man play all those instruments?” and “Why is it called ‘house music’?” The origin of the term “house music” was in fact due to the trailblazing tracks produced and played by Frankie at his initial resident club “The Warehouse” in Chicago.
My love for The Godfather’s music burns as bright as the day I first heard those seductive vocals, and captivating beats.
See you all Friday in the House of House – in love and on form!
Akika xx