Merry Chrysler

By Geisha Bar

Jeez it’s pretty much Christmas now! A lot of people in this country won’t really have heaps to celebrate this year, with this record drought and bushfire. At least the PM was able to sneak off for a luxury holiday to Hawaii :/
I caught the Sunrise segment where Gretel Killeen pwned Chris Smith and slammed Scott Morrison for his lack of leadership, and all I have to say is – damn gurl, you’ve come a long way from Big Brother. Amen. Preach.
To everyone out there who isn’t having their usual cheerful festive Christmas – our thoughts are with you. What a shitty time ☹
For those of you that are having a pretty standard Christmas, don’t forget to stay away from the redneck uncle who doesn’t agree with Trump’s impeachment, and the other uncle who doesn’t think women should ever have a voice. Try to sneak laxatives into their VBs, if possible.
If you have family that criticise you a lot for your job, appearance, hobbies, whatever – just give them a saccharine smile, nod and say “that’s an interesting point – I’ll definitely take that on board”, which shuts them down immediately without confrontation, and leaves you free to later put laxatives in their VBs.
If you have a great family, then hug them lots, tell them you love them and really get to know exactly how their year was. Life’s too short to not connect with the ones you love <3 Have a great Christmas everyone! Love, Akika xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox