A Moment of Reponsibility

By Geisha Bar

The word of the day is irresponsible. Come to think of it, the word of most days is irresponsible.

I came to pondering this yesterday as I strolled down the Asian end of William Street on the hunt for curry in a state of utter disrepute following another weekend of ill-advised tomfoolery. I asked myself, why is it that the allure of irresponsibility always outweighs the more sensible option, while I thought back to around 1am that morning.

At 1am I was lying on my back on my driveway waiting for a cab with a friend. I was looking up at a clear night sky full of bright lights as my own bright light faded and my eyelids grew heavy. I distinctly remember thinking to myself – which was perhaps the last contact I had with sensibility that night – that I should really go to bed and call it a night, I’m exhausted.

Having been at Future Music, we had quite sufficiently entertained ourselves for the day and had quite successfully put away our fair share of liquor. Still, the challenge of a ‘super VIP’ after party featuring Skrillex, the Stafford brothers, an open bar, more ‘important’ people, and apparently Fred Durst was there too seemed far too lulzy to pass up. The next thing I know, I wake up at home in bed running late for class and still wearing a shoe that I apparently couldn’t get off the night before.
I’m seriously tired of waking up still wearing my shoes guys. Does anyone out there have any idea how humiliating that is?

Anyway, strolling down William Street I thought about this while looking into all the interesting restaurants, Asian grocery stores, and new pop up clothing stores and I wondered what I was going to write about for Akika this week. I’m still not really sure.

I woke up today and my body continues to punish me for the utter violation I inflicted upon it over the weekend. And I don’t know even now, while I should be sitting in a classroom instead of at home feeling besmirched, if I would have made the same decision to go or not in hindsight.
I probably still would have gone. Sometimes being irresponsible can be pretty fun – sometimes being responsible can be even better. Alas, we do the things we do and find ourselves wherever we wind up.

I found myself yesterday on William Street feeling pretty good about being there and looking up at a banner about their street festival which is on the 18th. I decided then and there that for my Akika I would do the responsible thing and give the street a bit of a plug since it’s kind of my favourite place in the world right now. They have the best clothing stores, incredible places to eat, microcinemas, and cool bars. Thus, come Saturday week I’m going to take it easy so that Sunday I get to walk up and down William Street and check out all it has to offer in a festival format. I feel like that’s a way more responsible way to spend my Sunday and fingers crossed I won’t wake up Monday morning still wearing my god damn shoes!

See you there.