How to move house when hung upside!

By Geisha Bar

New year means a fresh start for a lot of peeps. For some, this means moving to a new pad. Only problem is, this is also the best time of the year when it comes to partying in Perth. Damn what to do?!

Never fear, little Aunty Akika here with the how’s how and the what’s what to move house PLUS party when it’s hot…

Book removalists. Trust me on this one. Nothing kills a post party good vibe buzz quite like heavy lifting. Ladies, bonus points for enjoying all those bronzed biceps.

Pack yo sheit during the week. And I mean all of it. Moving day, when your sunnies are glued to your face from 6am to fend off that UV-induced-headache, you don’t want to be filling boxes. Also, it’s a good feeling shaking yo’ booty on the dance floor the night before knowing everything at home is sorted.

Do organise a time to pick up keys from the real estate agent beforehand. Don’t collect keys the morning after you’ve been out. Nothing says “dodgy tenant” like Eu de Parfum Hangover.

Pack a little self-care bag. Stash it in the car. Include 1 can of Red Bull, 1 packet of Panadol, 1 bottle of Powerade, 1 packet chips, 1 spare pair of sunnies and a snap back to hide that nasty next-morning-hair so you look more “party hair, don’t care”. Also pack a towel. A quick dip in the ocean is the perfect refresher mid afternoon, mid car relays.

If you need a few extra helpers, do yourself a favour and don’t ask those who are turning up at the club with you the night before. Boxes splashed in last night’s kebab aren’t nice. Just trust me on this one and don’t ask details…

Follow these tricks to move yo body in the House of House and move haus like a baws!