A little music never hurt nobody

By Geisha Bar

The airwaves have recently been drenched with discussion on EDM, and the huge backlash against it. DJs and producers have publicly stated their diversion away from the genre. Insinuating that by separating themselves from the perceived image, they validate their own creative worth.
Is the backlash against EDM equally as pack-mentality driven as the movement itself?
Is the inherent problem the popularity of negativity and criticism? Misery loves company. Perhaps if we encouraged progress in all genres, the industry would evolve in its entirety. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
Previous to EDM, there was the popularity and backswing against dubstep. On numerous occasions, before I even raised the topic, many people sheepishly admitted they enjoy dub. When my eyes lit up at the chance to share my appreciation, there was a distinct look of relief on the other person’s face. How would enjoying dubstep in any way make you any less of a music lover? Musical appreciation is as unique to each person as their thumbprint.
15 years ago, teeny boppers were teased – and yet their music became pop anthems for a generation. A purist, high-brow approach puts off inquisitive youngsters who want to learn about electronic music. It also feeds into this self-serving mandate to criticise and put down different genres.
Personally, I can appreciate all electronic music. I’m not even ashamed to say it.
In tunes we trust,
Akika xx