Even the naughty ones like presents

By Geisha Bar

Let’s imagine for a minute that naughty boys and girls get presents from Santa too. Maybe Santa has a secret soft spot for the cheeky ones. Naughty kids like presents too. Just because I’m on the bad list this year, well it hasn’t stopped me making a wish list.

New shoes. Or a voucher for the cobbler. I’ve put more rubber on the Geisha dancefloor than a drag race fuelled by Jack Daniels.
Lingerie voucher. For when I’m laying rubber elsewhere.
Role playing costume — I’m getting better at this imagining thing already!
Vesper Vibrator necklace designed to be worn ahem… outside. I’d get such a kick from the compliments.
Hershey’s Kisses. Always thought they’d make great nipple pasties!
Chocolate fountain because hours of entertainment. Strawberries optional.

Happiest Christmas to all you boys and girls — naughty, nice and somewhere in between. May all your wishlist dreams come true.