“One Ball is all you Need”

By Geisha Bar

The following was written in tribute to the great Lance Armstrong back in 2004. Given the current inquires and with the tour fresh from completion I thought it deserved revisiting…

I have the perilous distinction of cancer in all branches of my family tree so I’m always inspired by anyone who takes to the floor with ‘Jack the Dancer’ and triumphs. Lance Armstrong’s survival from a body bag ful of cancer is a miracle. To be competing in world class sport is beyond belief to be winning repeatedly in arguably the worlds toughest sporting event defies belief.

As nike boss Phil Knight said “Lance Armstrong is hope itself” We have all heard the rumours and innuendo, the smears and accusations. Armstrong’s dirty, Armstrong’s a cheat, Armstrong’s on the gear, even Armstrong’s chemo therapy is performance enhancing!

The facts are that in a sport in which many believe that EVERYONE is on something despite being tested more than any other cyclist he has not once been busted for using performance enhancing drugs but his breathtaking performances make us feel hopelessly inadequate that we refuse to accept he may be the genuine article.

It is easier and more probable in this day and age and in this sport to believe the worst, the negative being far more palatable to a populous reared on scandal. None of us are immune to this affliction but redemption is only a positive thought away. Lance is the truest reflection fo what the human spirit is capable of achieving.

As Armstrong himself says, “Each tour de France is a reconfirmation, another act of continued existence. It seems only right to exhaust the posibilities in the body i’ve been given back. Every time I win another tour I prove that i’m alive and therefore that others can survive too. I’ve survived cancer AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN”

Deep down where cynicism doesn’t reach we all want to believe. Lance Armstrong may not have the cure for cancer but his life does prove that the will to fight can send this death sentence scurrying from your door.

With or without the bike race Lance Armstrong is Trés Magnifique