“Out Sauced”

By Geisha Bar

Whilst sitting at a very non-descript coffee shop waiting for my morning medicine and reading one of the local tabloids I came across an article that stung me to attention even before the caffeine had hit my blood stream.  It seems some poor sod in the US was terminated from his workplace for outsourcing his own job. Yes this genius of a man decided that his weekly wage was a little more than he actually needed and he would rather go into work and check his emails, play some poker, take a long lunch, update his facebook and then from 4.30 to 5.00 send a report of the days work to his supervisor.

His job was a computer programmer and I guess he decided that a kid in china could do his work just as easily from the other side of the world so he fedex’d over his security code key and emailed him whenever some IT work was required. This arrangement went on for some time and was only detected when security noticed remote logins for the gentleman when he was sitting at his desk, which they traced back to China…..ooops

The man chose lifestyle over money (or actually a balance of the two) and I respect that. He was fired despite the fact that the system he had in place was a resounding success and his evaluations were all outstanding.  Here is a man who thinks outside of the box and should have really  been promoted!  As it is the current manager will now probably outsource the rest of the employees?

My hat is off to you sir….I am now following your lead and looking for a Chinese student to do my anthropology thesis this year and another for my weekly blogging then I can live the life I deserve…. down the beach during the day and sipping margaritas and playing my PS3 at night