Things That Piss Me Off

By Geisha Bar

Things That Piss Me Off #328527

That godawful quote “You have the same 24 hours a day as Beyonce”.


Here is my day: 05:30: Wake up. 05:30-06:15: Get dressed and travel to the gym. 06:15-07:15: Work out 07:15-08:30: Travel home, shower and get ready for uni. Sometimes breakfast, but usually there’s not enough time. 08:30-09:00: Travel to uni. 09:00-16:00: Uni, where you eat a shitty lunch because it’s all that’s available on campus and you didn’t have time to prepare a lunch this morning. 16:00-16:30: Travel home from uni. 16:30-17:30: Do laundry, tidy house, make grocery list. 17:30-18:30: Do the grocery shopping. 18:30-19:00: Put away groceries, move laundry to the dryer, and decide what to have for dinner. 19:00-20:00: Cook dinner, eat, wash and dry dishes. 20:00-22:00: Do uni assignments/readings. Take clothes out of dryer and put away. 22:00-23:00: 1 hour of free time while I do skincare routine and make to-do list for tomorrow. 23:00: Bedtime.

Here is Beyonce’s Day: 05:30: Wake up and leisurely dress in workout clothes. 05:45: Personal trainer arrives at your house. 05:45-06:45: Work out 06:45-07:45: Shower and get dressed (leisurely). 07:45-08:00: Eat the breakfast that someone else prepared for you. 08:00-17:00: Whatever you damn well please; because everyone bends to your schedule, not the other way around. Lunch and snacks are provided for you by other people who have worked out all the macronutrient breakdown for you. 17:00-18:00: Your personal trainer arrives for another workout at your house. 18:00-18:30: Shower. 18:30-19:00: Have dinner that someone else prepared for you. 18:00-23:00: Whatever you damn well please. No housework.

That stupid quote serves only to make people feel like they are not good enough! Of course, we have the same 24 hours a day as Beyonce. But Beyonce has far more control over her time than we do. Until I can pay other people to take care of my mundane needs such as transport, cooking, cleaning, and having the gym come to ME, then I refuse to feel shit about myself for not doing more! Seriously, why are we always made to feel like shit when we are all just trying to do the best we can, with the resources we have available to us!? Don’t get me wrong; I love Queen Bey. But she is no more deserving of praise for working hard than we are. Don’t you folks ever forget to pat yourselves on the back for the hard effort you put in each and every day! It’s tough out there! And if you can’t love yourself, how in the HELL you gonna love somebody else?!

Love, Akika xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxox