The rise of the indie stripper

By Geisha Bar

As the costs for living and university tuition continue to increase – will Australia follow the US with the rise of the “indie stripper”?
Our Australian cities now consistently inhabit the top of cost of living lists, and the overall price of studying in Australia is highest in the world. As an indication, approximately $595 is required per week – and that’s living lean. When the annual cost of tuition is added (from $11k to $43k) we have financial pressure that spotlights stripping favourably.
The next consideration is the time pressures of studying. Considering both options – one shift stripping equals a week’s worth of waiting tables or bartending. That is a lot of study time.
One question that does need to be considered – are 18 year olds capable of comprehending potential immediate and future effects of stripping on their careers and relationships? Yes, the image of the stripper has been glamourised in popular media – but, this acceptance does appear somewhat limited to certain circles.
In addition, we face a question of gender equality. The experience of students in the US has indicated men are lauded for stripping down, respected for their supreme physique and fitness – whereas women have often been the target of “slut-shaming” comments.
It is possible we will see a gradual societal shift in attitudes to students pursuing stripping as an employment option.
What do you think about students living on the g-string budget?