“The Fault Line”

By Geisha Bar

“Always take responsibility for your actions” my mom used to say….and these days so say NONE of us!

Trip over your feet at the supermarket….sue Woolies. Dive into the surf and break your neck….sue the council. Topple from a 15th storey hotel balcony….sue the hotel bar. No matter what “It’s not MY fault”

Many of us wail about civil liberty breaches  government interference in our lives, intrusive bureaucracy and “Big Brother”shadowing our every action (That’s Orwell not the TV show). Like abattoir animals we squeal about the undue influence the mythical “they” have on our lives….BUT….whenever anything goes wrong WE demand THEY fix it, claiming that THEY should take responsibility and scream THEY should compensate us for our loss!

How do we justify this contradiction? Quite simply we don’t  Humans are conceited creatures motivated by selfishness, vanity and ego. Any rational thought process is merely a passing notion. Whilst rolling on the crest we don’t need any help, good fortune is the result of OUR grand design, OUR brilliant intent and we especially don’t need a benevolent overseer interfering in our lives but when the wave dumps us in the trough the wheel abruptly turns. What did we do to deserve such rotten luck? Why ME? Why isn’t (insert relevant authority) doing anything to help me? An the obligatory….”It’s not my fault”

Worst of all our court system perpetuates the “fault lies elsewhere” line, ignoring common sense to reward the stupid, the ignorant and the plain evil. The “No Fault Line” is a stay out of jail card protecting the guilty. “My parents never showed me love”…”Gambling is a disease”….”It’s genetics”….”She made me do it” etc etc  The reality is more like I did rape the child,,,,I did embezzle the money…..I was adulterous……I did beat my wife

Some things defy belief and the “No Fault Line” that we live with on a daily basis tops the list.