Weird is the new sexy.

By Geisha Bar

Do you remember the weirdo kid at school? Who had a fondness for computer construction, glam rock or science fiction novels? Have you ever thought about what they’re up to now? That odd little kid might have jumped a plane round-the-world on a whim. Designed breakthrough medical technology. Enjoyed a torrid romance on the beaches of Tahiti. Seen the rise and rise of an online business. Ridden a bike, or run a marathon to raise much needed funds for orphans in Nepal or Cambodia. Deadmau5 put it right when he said “I was the least popular in my school. The less popular you are, the more time you have to work on your own thing as opposed to trying to fit into everyone else’s thing”.
My weirdo babe of the moment is Miuccia Prada. This lady earned a PhD in political science, then became a mime, then a member of the Italian communist party, then a women’s rights activist, then became one of the world’s most prestigious fashion designers, then opened an art gallery and is now the ninth richest woman in the world. Miuccia knows how to work on her thing. Toting courage and an open mind, the person who does this is both magnetic and exciting.
So please, be the weirdo. It’s really sexy.