What the world needs now is love

By Geisha Bar

Is anyone else a little disturbed by the rise and rise of casual dating?
Romantic courting 2 decades ago:
Telephone call at 8pm Wednesday – “Would you be free on Friday evening? Perhaps I can pick you up at 6pm so we can have a picnic on the beach and watch the sunset together?”
Romantic courting now:
Text message at 3am Saturday morning – “R u out? Cum 2 mine now. I wanna get dirty”
Umm. Where is the love?
We live in an ego-centric society. Notions like “me time” and “because I deserve it” pepper conversation like selfish-sauce. In all areas of life, people treat each other as commodities. Mr Plan B, Miss Plan C, Mr Plan D and Miss Plan E.
This has lead to a rather neurotic approach to dating. No one wants to be Mr Plan B or Miss Plan C. In paradox, few are ready to lower themselves to the indignity of being open about emotion, and the vulnerability of commitment. Also, what if a better offer comes along?
All the Prince Tindermings and Tinderellas need to calm their sexy farms for a minute. Learn to enjoy the move of the groove baby. I think it’s time we put a little dance back in romance!