The Best New Years Party Of All

By Geisha Bar

New Year’s Eve is almost here! Have you chilled the wine and beer?
Out with 2-0h-15’s worries and tears, We’ll ring in the new with plenty of cheer.

People asking about my resolution, Like it’s a chance for absolution,
But really, just party pollution. Honestly, 12am ain’t a guilt solution.

Last year I promised to lose weight, And find a gentlemanly date.
December’s end is a little late, These resolutions I just don’t rate!

The year before I committed to more, These impossible promises are such a bore!
Outdated tradition of days of yore, I say, leave the concept in the drawer.

All you need to start 2-0h-16 Is a shiny smile fit for a queen,
Dancing shoes with plenty of sheen, Appreciation for days that’ve been.

We’ll see you at our New Year’s soiree! Come join us on this festive day!
We’ll countdown as the music plays, Clock strikes 12, we shout “OH-VEY!”

We’ll see you under our disco ball! At the best New Year’s party of all.
Dancefloor jumping wall to wall, Can’t wait to turn up with y’all!

We’ll pump the music, pour the laughs, You charge your phone for photographs,
Be nice to our new year’s staff, And don’t forget to take a bath tongue emoticon

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