“Poetic Ramblings on a Sunny Day”

By Geisha Bar

What similarities have money and time. What turns the world a minute or a dime? The poor man has his time so why does he need money ? I wonder if a rich man finds time funny.

The rich man can create his own little world. He has a wife and two kids – a boy and a girl. He earns all the trappings – the car, the house. But he lives in an office, he may as well douse… the home and the merc, the kids and the wife in a truckload of petrol and set them alight, because between all of his spending and earning he forgets the things for which he is yearning, things money can’t create, like love and good wine and things that only come with time.

So is the poor man so poor after all ? Even though his job pays low and his house is small. At least he enjoys life and has time to spend, having a walk on the beach or a beer with a friend. And I think thes things are worth a lot more than the money you earn, or possessions you score, because when it comes time to be covered in dirt exactly how much will your money be worth ?