Aint Cricket

By Geisha Bar

There is always some controversy associated with the Hottest 100.

I was ready to rant and rave about the results but these were sound. Out of the Top 10 – a staggering 7 are by Aussie artists. Chet Faker won with his embracing “Talk is Cheap”. He also polled Top 10 with “Gold”and”1998. Peking Duck scored “High”, with the crowd begging to “Take Me Over”. Famous recluse Sia has us swing from the “Chandelier”. Hilltop Hoods got us grooving too hot for our “Cosby Sweater”.

The controversy came from the biggest loser — trashy Buzzfeed. Their lobbying for Taylor Swift under the Tag #Tay4Hottest100 makes me ill. Now I’m not commenting on Swift’s pop-y “Shake It Off”, strangely popular across all demographics. I am pissed of that successful online media companies now closely resemble their archaic, overdramatic print predecessors.

As soon as the campaign launched, trolls crawled out from their mothers’ basements and loudly supported the cause. Why? I guess they are dirty at the world for no screws and no fucks given for their pathetic existence.

That bullshit ain’t cricket and ain’t Australian.

As Chet Faker says “Talk is Cheap”.