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By Geisha Bar

Whew – I’m still recovering from such an awesome weekend at Geisha! A few buddies of mine were playing on Saturday night all in a row and it was so good to chill out, rock up and storm up the d-floor to their beats! It was tonnes of fun and let’s just say that I had enough vodka lime and cranberry to last a lifetime. I may, or may not, have made a real dick of myself. On Sunday I spent the whole day just taking it easy and messing around on Facebook. Speaking of which, I’m always on the hunt for new Facebook friends so come and befriend me on Facebook! It’s a good way to keep up with the news and to find out what gigs are up and coming at Geisha, or even just to stalk me cos I’m a bit of alright. I’m always up for some decent banter so if you see any hilarious articles that I’d like or want to hear my somewhat crass take on anything in the news, don’t be afraid to come say hi! Just search for Akika Shikomi on Facebook and you will see me there. On Tuesdays I wanna hear everyone’s favourite tunes of the minute so come and post yours on my page for Tuesday Tuneday. Another cool Facebook option is to “like” the Geisha newsletter (you can find the Facebook “like” link at the top of this newsletter) and that way all your cool mates will be able to check us out as well. So if you love the club and the good times we facilitate, spread the word!