Akika says: No Thanks

By Geisha Bar

Last week on one of those breakfast TV shows, the panel debated whether wolf whistling is offensive. I couldn’t help but write my two cents worth. After all, this is “Akika Says”!

When a man wolf whistles at a woman / girl, he encourages that behaviour to all men around him with no discussion on what is appropriate “line in the sand”. When do we educate kids on this? Which brings us to the fact that without checking a girl or woman’s id, you can’t know her age. This makes this behaviour even more not ok.

Let’s look at this from another perspective. I have tall, well built male friends that get men trying to start up against them when they are minding their own business, having a beer at the pub. These antagonists are essentially pitting their strength against the tall / well built guy minding his own business. Is this a show of appreciation of the guy’s physique? Maybe. But is this behaviour ok? I think we can all agree that it is not. Why should it be acceptable for girls to receive a threatening form of validation, but men to not?