Akika says: The Future

By Geisha Bar

Whenever we enter a new year, most people are compelled to think of New Year’s resolutions. However, my weird mind can’t help but consider the impending year and how far into “the future” we are getting – and when I say “the future”, I mean from my perspective as someone born in 1985, who grew up considering the 29” flat screen TVs and cars with curves of the mid-90s to be something incredibly sophisticated and futuristic.

Today however, I want to talk about something that I have always declared loudly and drunkenly as “being ahead of its time” – the music of Jamiroquai.

When I was a casual 16-year old cruising around with my boyfriend in his older brother’s charcoal 1997 Toyota Camry feat. top-of-the-line JVC mp3 player head unit (with a detachable faceplate thankyouverymuch) and sick Pioneer 6x9s with a subwoofer in the back, I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when he traded out our usual System of a Down/Nirvana fare for Jamiroquai’s 2001: A Funk Odyssey. As it started playing, my young bogan ears were piqued.

“WHAT IS THIS?!” I demanded, excited beyond belief.

“Jamiroquai”, came the reply. “But it’s my brother’s new CD so we can’t scratch it (CDs were $34.95 back then)”

“It’s so futuristic!” I gasped, enthralled at the wonderfully cosmic beats emanating from the overcompensatory teenage boy car sound system.

I had, of course, heard Jamiroquai’s earlier hits Virtual Insanity, Canned Heat, and Cosmic Girl – but never from a dope insulated stereo system whilst exploring my sexuality in the back of a Camry.

From that moment on, I was hooked on Jamiroquai and shall remain so to this day – I even go searching Youtube for Jamiroquai remixes and am pleased to report that there exists a bit of a Mecca for Jamiroquai fans – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BD2X-cdkHSM

So few artists manage to transcend time in our minds, and it’s worth praising them loudly when they do – we have lost a few incredible musical pioneers this year, and this is only going to continue to happen, due to the nature of celebrity in our generation. I just wanted to share a bit of love for Jamiroquai, because so many times I will put his tunes on at a house party and people will always pipe up, “oh I forgot about Jamiroquai! I love him!” … well, Akika’s here to remind you about Jamiroquai, aka the perfect way to introduce your shitty bogan mates into house music!

Happy New Year beautiful souls!

See you at Geisha!

Love Akika xoxox