Akika says: Olympic rings

By Geisha Bar

Rio has delivered the goods when it comes to an entertaining Olympics. Aside from amazing feats of physical excellence — we’ve got teary from two successful marriage proposals, asked ourselves the tough questions (Can Richard Funk?) and had a giggle at all the general hilarity.

Being a sports-obsessed country, I think it’s time we look at joining in the fun. With that in mind, here’s a little quintet of shots I call the “Olympic Rings”.

— Blue: Blue Curaçao liqueur
— Yellow: Tequila
— Black: Jäger and Red Bull
— Green: Absinthe
— Red: Whiskey

These feisty little babies will light the torch and have you participating in such events as rhythmic dance, synchronised bathroom visits, drinklifting and the modern bedathalon (trampoline and lingerie wrestling). I’ll leave the point scoring particulars to you