Akika says: Every vote counts

By Geisha Bar



Nothing grinds my gears more then people who don’t care about voting.

Have you seen how close the competition has been for some of the seats? Take the seat of Herbert in Townsville for instance. This is the final and now undecided seat in the Federal Election because Labor’s Cathy O’Toole is leading Liberal MP Ewen Jones by 8 votes causing for a recount.

8 votes! I repeat EVERY VOTE COUNTS.

Common and not very valid excuses about the election that i’v heard during a night out include:

“My vote doesn’t count, I dont really give a F***”

“I can’t be bothered “

“I haven’t even enrolled to vote”

“Ill be overseas when I need to vote”

We are lucky enough to be given the opportunity to have a say in how our country is run and I keep hearing lame-ass excuses on why people don’t participate in the polls.

Well I got news for you, those of you who don’t vote don’t get to moan about policies that are passed, bitch about who ends up in power and you better not get mad at that nice little fine you will inevetably recieve in the mail.

Too many times iv had conversations with people about voting and it turns me right off the instant they use one of the “I don’t vote excuses”.

It doesn’t take long to have your say and it’s definitely a tick in my book if you do.