Akika says: Off to see the world? Say goodbye at Geisha

By Geisha Bar

Life is full of people coming and going. The dream job, an amazing new love interest or the sweet aroma of a new adventure beckons people away and so they must bid their loved ones farewell.

Trouble is, in amongst booking flights, packing boxes, organising visas and learning rudimentary words in Chinese / Finnish / Spanish, how do you find the time to say goodbye to everyone?

That’s where Geisha has got your back. Whether your group sprawls over the lounges or stakes out a booth, with classy music and delicious cocktails — the scene is set to perfectly toast the door opening upon a new era. With opening hours from 11pm all the way through to 5am, you’ll be able to catch everyone including your hospitality friends.

So next time the wind whispers of a new adventure, a new love, a new dream — come say your goodbyes with us and make it a night to remember…. where ever the winds may take you.