How to take a badass on a date

By Geisha Bar

Pick her up at 5pm. Make sure your music is good. Go to the ocean. Don’t be put off by her high heels, walk down to the sand. This girl’s just as happy to kick off her shoes as strut about in them. Drink in the sunset with champagne and conversation bubbling.

Next, dinner! Be clever. Book somewhere quirky – like fish and chips. Keep that conversation flowing. Don’t do the boring topics. Ask her about her dreams. Ask her about art, culture and music. Remember dessert, everyone knows that’s the best bit. She doesn’t think “image” like regular girls – she thinks “ooh yum, icecream!”

After dinner, take her dancing at Geisha (where else?). Don’t be shy – she couldn’t care what anyone thinks of your groovy moves. Keep the cheeky compliments and vodka cocktails flowing. If you get out of line with those mischievous asides, she’ll let you know. Don’t be surprised if she outdoes you in the innuendo. Dance close, sensually – house music is made for this. Don’t be crass with your kiss. Make her curious.
As dawn streaks the sky silver, suggest breakfast. Dance with her under the street lamps to the sounds of the world waking up. You’ll feel like king of the world with this crazy girl. When the time is right, kiss her. Slowly. Deeply. Like time just hit a red light.
When red turns green, dates will never feel the same again.