Back From Bali

By Geisha Bar

I am stoked to report that the site is back on track, with its favourite kicks on and is raring to go!! My much-deserved break was so nice after exams and it was great to unwind by the pool and on the beach with a nice cocktail and some chilled grooves, which is the best part about Bali being so close to Australia.

….. And the worst part?

The Australians!! I cringe at the way so many Aussies act when they are in Bali, as if they have never seen a beer or a pirated DVD before. I overheard a man (from Queensland by the sound of it) loudly haggling for ten minutes with a young Balinese girl over the princely sum of 5000 rupiah – around 65 cents. The man got really angry and accused her of “ripping him off”, because she was essentially asking $4.65 instead of $4.00 for a shirt – what is WRONG with people!?

OK I get it – Aussies go to Bali primarily because it is cheap, but it is so important to keep in mind that our dollar is their livelihood and if you can’t even afford to be a tiny bit flexible on the price of a shirt then you should probably stay at home and save yourself the trouble altogether.

Another thing that I noticed is that people spend their time trawling through stacks of pirated DVDs to take home, usually costing them a massive amount of space in their suitcases. Upon arriving home many of them find out that the discs are largely faulty, which makes me wonder why the stupid jerks keep going back for more. I just want to grab them all by the scruff of their Bintang singlets and show them how to work the internet. If they are going to buy illegally pirated DVDs, then they may as well be illegally torrenting them from the comfort of their own living rooms and saving their suitcase space for their Monkey Forest souvenir photos and the other dumb touristy crap they have.
Bali itself has some really beautiful spots, which all too often are overlooked by the army of bogans that infiltrate the island each year. Many stick to the Kuta/Seminyak/Legian areas because that’s where all the “nightlife” is, which is comprised mainly of foam parties and arak drinking competitions. This is hella fun if you want to get crunk with a bunch of 17 year olds on their schoolies trips, or a bunch of 35 year old bogans trying to reclaim their youth – which I very much don’t! My kind of fun in Bali is spending the day by the pool with friends, relaxing and writing, followed by a yummy meal, sweet ambient tunes and cocktails into the wee hours at Ku De Ta. Considered to be an “expensive” venue (by Bali standards), you are sure to avoid the tacky thong-wearin, Bintang-swillin, hair-braided masses of Aussie degenerates if you stick to places like this!

Anyway, as much as I loved my break, I’m so pumped to be back in town simply for the mint nights that are going to be going down in the next few weeks. Dry July? Sucks to be you when HedKandi is coming up!!