“Before they were Famous”

By Geisha Bar

“When will I be famous” the blonde Bros once asked…and so say all the stars (to be) pondering greatness from the lonely confines of anonymity. Where did the glitterati begin their journey to infamy?

At “Dancetaria” in New York City, Sade was a Bar Manager, Madonna was the resident dancer (god only knows what she did for drinks) and pop artist Keith Harring was the cloak room boy….Down the street at “Studio 54” and Alex Baldwin was a buffed up bus boy all torso and bow tie. Over in Hollywood and Harrison Ford was a carpenter to the stars before meeting Chewbacca.

New Order played their first ever US gig at the mythical home of disco “The Paradise Garage” before blue monday became the best selling 12″ in history and Morrissey worked in the public service until….you guessed it – too depressing.

Carl Cox studied electrical engineering and Frankie Knuckles was a costume designer. Ken Donne was once an artist and Michael Jackson was an innocent black child. The beastie Boys sold their first rap to British Airways when they were teens and at the same age Woody Allen was writing jokes for established comedians and newspapers for cash.

Back home and George Greene was a carnie running a merry-go-round, James Smith was a cleaner at a butchers and James A served on the grill at Nandos whilst I myself was a faceless design student with a practised stance and a wealth of attitude for someone so ignorant.

The world is your Oyster magazine….Believe it !!! Stardom beckons.