“Body Burn”

By Geisha Bar

Why would anyone of sound mind intentionally invite the perils of cancer into their body, a disease that is the most vicous of all afflictions doing the body rounds. Now I know people may be addicted to nicotine which can cause lung cancer but it is a highly addictive drug so I can understand the desperation of addiction……too much red meat can cause bowel cancer but it does also supply essential proteins and makes you strong and healthy so I can accept that in limited amounts…..mobile phones, in time, will be unequivocally shown to cause brain tumours but until then just keep talking, we can deal with that one later.

What really perplexes me is why people lie on the beach in blistering sun and intentionally cook themselves. Your skin changes colourbecause it is burnt flesh, just like slow cooking a chicken on a rotisserie. Why do chickens do this? Because they are dead and have no choice. Why do we do it? Because somewhere, sometime, someone told us human beings are more attractive that way. So let us burn, burn, burn because being attractive is more important than anything in the world. Remember this!

Even worse than the golden rays of sunshine is proven cancer creator – the solarium. These machines utilise lethal artificial rays to toast you to a crispand the jury has certainly delivered a unanimous verdict on these death traps – GUILTY ! A recent university study collated results from 21 previous studies on solariums and shockingly found that people under 35 who used solariums were 98% more likely to develop melanoma skin cancer….Let me repeat that for those who are slow on the uptake….98% more likely to develop skin cancer. Even those who used a solarium once were 22% more likely to develop skin cancer.

Is the message getting though? No I didn’t think so. I know….I know. You simply must have the right tan to wear that slinky dress. It’s all a matter of priorities. Enjoy Life now…..while you have it.