The Bold and the Bigoted

By Geisha Bar

Ok, who gave these artists too much sugar? And by sugar, I mean crazy dust. What an embarrassing fortnight for electronic music!
Marijus Adomaitis, the Lithuanian artist known as “Ten Walls” is famous for his archetypal track “Walking with Elephants”. He has neatly eclipsed that with an inhumane homophobic rant on Facebook. In this diatribe, LGBTIs were labelled “people of different breed……the good 90s… these people of different breed where fixed”. The post then likened homosexuality to paedophile abuse by Catholic priests. I don’t have the words to express how wrong this is. This dickhead wouldn’t even have a career in electronic music if it weren’t for the historical support by the LGBTI community. Stick that in your poopipe and smoke it, a-hole.
Then we have David Guetta – or should I say David-Get-An-Idea. Regarding his collaboration with the Black Eyed Peas, he has ludicrously claimed – “That changed everything. I Gotta Feeling really changed the game and opened the doors for dance music in America. They started to play it for the first time on the radio, so not only did I cross over, but my entire scene crossed over. It was pretty exciting.” So David Guetta thinks he catalysed EDM across the states of America. Right. Well, he clearly didn’t read my article last week on mixing drugs. Then again, D-brain was famously memed last year playing his Tomorrowland set when he was so whacked out of his brain, he looked like he was about to break into the next dimension.
Speaking of Black Eyed Peas – did Will.I.Am’s blatant rip off of Mat Zo and Arty’s track “Rebound” back in 2013 fester into the cantankerous rant of an ignorant and juvenile Zoddler on Twitter last week? He seemed pretty caught up on the idea of “rotten teeth that need to be pulled”.

Here’s an idea guys. Leave the soap operas to the actors and you concentrate on your music. You are musicians after all.