Burn Baby Burn

By Geisha Bar

Hands in the air who overindulged over the long weekend? But how attractive really, is the idea of long hours on the treadmill?

Wonderful news! You can burn calories by getting down and dirty on the floor with the D – yours or someone else’s.

Let me paint you a picture……

You take your lover dancing (Geisha, anyone?). Naughty whispers, delighted laughter, skin brushes skin between bursts of laser light. 171 calories.

It’s a cool night. You draw each other close as you wait for the taxi. French kissing, cheeky wandering hands under jackets and tops. 68 calories.

Finally, you arrive home. There’s clothes flying, hands all the places, temperatures rising. 108 calories.

Did I mention your mouth is about to get really, really involved? We’re talking massages with your hands and ……err… mouth. 180 calories.

And now, for the closing act. I’ll leave it to this clever little calculator to give you the numbers on that one…… http://www.sexcalculator.co.uk/