I’ll always call Australia home

By Geisha Bar

This week, I was determined to write about Australia Day. My research had me both frustrated and full of love for our big, wide sunburnt country.

Two massive Australian juggernauts kinda forgot the whole point of the holiday. Coles misprinted our flag (apparently both the southern cross and union jack have had a change of heart, and flipped). Woolworths forgot about Tasmania, completely leaving it off maps on baseball caps.

The usual paramedic binge-drinking warnings have been broadcast with the hope of stemming the flood of alcohol related injuries and accidents.

Canberra has dusted off her gown to welcome a brood of newly minted Aussie citizens, fulfilling her administrative role with pomp and ceremony. Good luck getting a Tim Tam or a lamington if you don’t pass the entrance exam!

Speaking of Canberra, it seems the time has come for Australia once again to dig her heels in, stand on her hind legs and demand independence as a republic. What happens remains to be seen.

My research that made the most impact on me, however, was a heartwarming, lighthearted interview of Australian primary school children.

When one was asked “what does Australia mean to you?” With the trademark simplicity of a child, he answered,

“It means home to me.”

That’s just it. Beyond the bureacratic fanfare, beyond the angry rants on misprints and misdemeanours — this frustrating, diverse, sun-soaked country is home. And home she will forever be.

Have a wonderful, safe, fun Australia Day everyone! Don’t forget to slip, slop, slap!