Calming Kitty

By Geisha Bar

Last week a close family friend died tragically and unexpectedly, and I spent a lot of time lying in bed reflecting on everything and thinking about our friend. It was a horrible week, and none of the usual suggestions made me feel better whatsoever – not hot tea, not gentle walks, not company, not lots of water and vegetables. In fact, there was only one thing that made me feel in any way better – my little cat Taco. As I lay in bed snuffling and staring off into space, he snuggled his warm little cat body against me and started purring. Strangely, it felt relaxing and I started to chill out, inviting sleep like a long-lost friend. When I awoke, he hadn’t moved and was still purring away. I felt so much better, thanks to little Taco. I jumped online to search this kooky comfort and found HEAPS of info – apparently cats heal their own bones, just by purring! Science has shown that cats purr at frequencies of 25-150 Hertz, which is a range of sound frequency that can improve bone density and promote healing. Not only this, but it could be why elderly people that have cats tend to live a little longer – maybe their cat is some kind of mystical life force that keeps their old asses alive. Maybe this is why ancient Egyptians worshipped cats – maybe they prized the special presence of a cat when one is feeling sad or unwell. Cats may be aloof but their company is something to be valued – they will only be with you if they want to be, so if a cat chooses to spend time with you, it must mean you’re doing something right! I love all cats and I don’t think there is such a thing as an ordinary cat. Bring your cats to Geisha so I can cuddle them please!

Love, Akika xoxoxooxoxoxox