“Dali v Don”

By Geisha Bar

Casting an objective eye over 50 odd weeks of blogs I feel somewhat detached from the angry young woman with the hydrofluoric acid tongue and a penchant for dwelling on hypocrisy and the evils of modern life. The Akika I know is warm and tender, thoughtful and caring, optimistic and positive; but the world I know is the antithesis of all these traits that my parents instilled in me. My own experience has seen me learn that the character traits that make me a decent human being are the same traits that curtail success. The cliché “Nice guys and Nice Japanese girls finish last” and “Decency is weakness” are catch cries that resonate as sad but absolute truisms today.

For true clarity I need go no further than shopping in a book store holding two books that spoke of success and how to achieve it. Don Talbot’s “Nothing but the Best” and the Dali Llama’s “Art of Happiness” couldn’t have less in common. The hard headed, volatile swimming coach and the serene Buddhist monk faced off in a battle for my mind and soul. Don screamed at me to try harder whilst the Dali whispered at me to be happy with what you have. I realised in a very poignant moment that you live your life in your own head. We all choose what means are ‘justified’ to attain a desired end result and our conscience is what allows us to do what we do when we think no one is watching.

Which book did I buy? Well both of course. Don hones my competitive edge and survival instinct. The Dali gives me piece of mind and generosity of spirit. This girl is a product of many fathers.