Dim Sumthing Goin’ On

By Geisha Bar

Tell me, how do you like to kick off your weekend?

For many of us, it’s afterwork drinks, then home for predrinks and getting ready to hit the town. For some, it’s a workout at the gym to sweat out the stresses of the week, before predrinks and heading out.

For others, it’s a dim sum feast before hitting the town, followed by a dim sum brunch sometime over the next 48 hours. Dim sum is life; it actually loosely translates to “Fuck Yeah Life” in Cantonese, whilst in Mandarin the translation is “YAS QUEEEEN”. Dim sum houses found their roots in Canton and were pretty much like typical little roadside diners. The food comes around in little trolleys and you just order what you want by pointing at whatever piques your saliva glands – the order is registered to your table and you just pay when you leave. It’s the Chinese version of a sushi train, but far noisier, far cramped and far more colourful. It’s fast, it’s hectic, it’s the perfect way to fill your belly with friends. It’s the crazy game show version of tapas, at a fraction of the cost. If you love house music, you’ll probably love dim sum